Ready for pre-order! 

The Lucky Ones is forthcoming from Crown, Penguin Random House US in July, 2024. 

The book was the AWP Nonfiction Finalist in 2020, judged by Alexander Chee, who writes,

"The Lucky Ones is a story rescued from a fire. An account and an accounting both of the 2002 Gujarat Pogrom, a three month siege that changed the course of Indian political history, helping to install Narendra Modi and set India on its present course. In her debut, Chowdhary has written a singular mix of personal reportage, memoir and history to give us a vision, not just of the atrocity she and her family lived through, but also a story of the genocidal attack, the history to the attack, and where that history intersects with contemporary India's history and the larger history of global fascism. She moves across these modes--the personal, the historical, the critical--so nimbly you might miss how hard it must be to write this way, much less to survive and speak for the lost to a world that does not, perhaps, even know they were lost. Few stories have offered us an understanding of how Islamophobia is used to motivate vigilantism and sanction state violence in the rush toward autocracy, though, as this one does. A warning, thrown to the world, and a stunning debut--Chowdhary is a much needed new voice in our literature."

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